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Determination of the Total Collapse-Force and Energy required to Totally Collapase A WTC Tower Using only one Upper WTC Tower 15-Floor-Steel-Block

Why Total Collapse of the WTC Tower was Impossible, from a Plane Crash & widespread and very intense Fires, ALONE & What Actual Gravitational-Energy would be required for Total Collapse of the WTC Tower from a 15-Floor-Steel-Block

The Final 911 Scientific-Method Explanations as to Why the World Trade Center Towers Could not Possibly Fall From Plane Crashes & Widespread & Extremely-Intense Fires, Alone

A 911 World Trade Center Tower was capable of Top-Loading or vertical-stacking more than 100 times its own 110-Floor-Steel-Block of Gravitational-weight, putting the Tower in Compression-mode, Compression Forces being exerted and evenly distributed from both Top & Bottom.

This research paper reveals a most unique and simple method of explaining why the WTC Collapses could not possibly occurr without some explosive outside help.

According to the publicly announced or published,

Dead-Load (DL),

Live-Load (LL), &

Collapse-Load (CL) Data,

the unexpected & shocking WTC Tower Collapses are examined & analyzed, then Scientifically described and explained, using the especially relevant, applied-aspects associated with the Sciences of Physics, Chemistry, Engineering & Mathematics.

Thesis Equation (explained in detail below) _______________________________________________________________________ CL(110) = (20)*LL(110) = (20)*{(5)*(DL(110))} = 100*DL(110) ________________________________________________________________________

All that Compression Force is required before possible total structural-failure or TOTAL-COLLAPSE, which would be due to reaching its Total Collapse-Load (CL) or Support-Force-Load Limit, in Force Units (FU) of Newtons or Pounds. (4 Newtons = 1 Pound).

Engineers should be describing this WTC Tower-structure as Mega-Redundant (repetitious structure), Mega-Supportive, and Mega-Anti-Collapsible, being endowed and easily capable of supporting 100's, and perhaps 1000's of times its own Dead-Load Weight.

(See the Twin Tower Calculations below, & also the Balsa-Wood Bridge Analogy Calculations and photos below.)

Open your mind to these revealed and confirmed facts and possibilities.

What the (OTC) Original Conspiracy Theorists (i.e. NIST & all the NIST devotees and supporters) do not want you to know,


simply do not know nor understand themselves, (which could reveal some level of Scientific-incompetence), is the revealing and insightful Anti-Collapse Presentation that follows and is the Thesis of this Scientific Research.)

I am presently making request efforts for Peer Reviews of this Paper to the Scientific Learned Leaders of the Truth Movement. I am looking forward to the peer-reviewed responses and other Learned Reader-Reviewed responses.

To follow and understand this analytically-derived scientific presentation, you may need to take some notes. It is a step by step derivation, where the steps that follow, rely heavily on the steps that preceded.

It is Paramount that you are able to understand the basic Definitions that are introduced and explained, and you may need to study the progressive arguments with repeated reviews, in detail.

I have tried to make this presentation simple enough for the non-scientist to comprehend. If I have not succeeded in that, my ultimate goal, I will continue to refine and simplify my presentation with my Scientific arguments.

It would be most-helpful if you understood the Physics of Gravitational Motion and Newton's 3 Laws of Motion , especially the 3rd Law of Action-, with counter-directed and opposing, Reaction, concerning a Collision with directly opposing (Forces, Momentums, Masses, Velocities, and Energies (including inter-Atomic and intra-Molecular Bonding Energies, as opposed to far weaker Gravitational Energy) of inter-connected and welded Frameworks of Twin Tower Blocks of very high-propertied Steel.

The 95-Floor-Steel-Block is being compressed, between 2 oppositely directed Forcesof Compression: Bedrock below and the 15-Floor-Steel-Block above.

Applying the 3rd Law of Action-Reaction, is there enough crushing Force to totally collapse the 95-Floor-Steel-Blockby the falling 15-Floor-Block? The answer is a resounding “NO”, not even close. Digest this Paper to see why.

Most helpful also would be your elementary understanding of Linear Opposing-Forces via Vector-Mathematical-Addition, which is simply the subtraction of the Final calculated Forces of the 2 opposing, directly colliding masses.

Those Readers with Physics backgrounds should be able to easily follow these progressive arguments. All concepts are considered elementary, although elementary can be problematic, even over-whelming to some non-scientists, without the instructive-assistance of this Presentation.

Lack of National & World-Wide understanding of the Total-Collapse Issue is what prevents the 911 Twin-Towers "TRUTH" and "Truth-Movement" from coming out massively & convincingly, so that a true response & call for Remedial-Actions and Consequences of these crimes can be initiated & legally executed.

The Lack of Public understanding of this issue has been very-highly beneficial to the Original Conspiracy Theory (OCT), and may be the single best thing going for them, and the worst thing going against the 911-Truthers! The 911 WTC Towers Collapses “Truth” can never prevail without a simple, clear, and thorough understanding of the Collapse Issue Allegations.

The goal of this Presentation is to make those collapses understandable, in very simple and logical Scientific terms, in terms of Data collected from the Public Records of the Media (Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet, etc.

The Ultimate way to make one’s Legal Case at Court-Trial, is to use your adversary’s own Announced or Published Data, against themselves as Evidence. (Talk about hanging one’s self – and Not too well-thought-out by the OCT-Planner Experts.) How did this simple information get by everybody for all of these years since 911?___________________________________________________________________

Start Engineering Definitions:

(All answers are strictly in terms of Force Units (FU), in units of Newtons or Pounds, where 1 Pound = 4 Newtons), F = mg, is Newton's 2nd Law of Motion.

110 = one 110-Floor-interconnected-Steel-WTC Tower-95

= one 95-Floor-interconnectel-Steel-Block-15

= one 15-Floor-interconnected-Steel-Block

DL = Dead-Load Weight of one WTC

= Unoccupied, Unfurnished WTC Weight LL

= Live-Load Weight of one WTC

= Fully Occupied & Furnished WTC Weight

CL = total Collapse-Load for Total Collapse of a 110-Floor-Steel-Block of WTC

= Number multiple of DL(110) WTC Towers that can be Top-Loaded Atop the original

WTC (110). Total Collapse-Load Equation to Explain the Total Force required to Totally

Collapse a WTC Tower. (Below is my Thesis Equation): ________________________________________________________________________ CL(110) = (20)*LL(110) = (20)*{(5)*(DL(110))} = 100*DL(110) ________________________________________________________________________

The above equation, simple as it is, states that one could Top-Load 100 110-Floor-WTCs on top of the original WTC building before total and complete Structural-Collapse might occur.

The WTC Anti-Collapse, Support-Resistant, Force-Factor Multiples are the numbers "5" and "20", from the above Total-Collapse-Load Equation, and they are source-referenced and their mathematical applications, to the Tower-Collapses, are explained below:

Mr. Ronald (McDonald) Hamburger

5 = Live-Load Factor,

quoted by Mr. Ronald Hamburger, a 911-Commission-Report Scientist, who advised that,

"before being damaged, the Towers could support 5 times their own weights."

= Live Load of one WTC

= LL(110)

= 5 times the Dead Load of one WTC

= 5*DL(110).

(This statement was made on Dec 3, 2006 at the Center for Inquiry West – California, during his 911-Presentation there.)

20 = John Skilling’s , Redundant-Structural-Support, Anti-Collapse, Force-Factor quoted by the

WTC Chief Engineer, Mr. John Skilling as reported in Engineering News Record, April 2, 1964:

"Live loads on these columns can be increased more than 2,000 % before failure occurs." (2000 % means 20 time greater or to multiply the Live Load (LL = 5*(DL)) by a factor of 20 giving 100*DL.)

More Engineering Definitions:

DL(110) = Dead-Load weight of a WTC Tower of 110 Floors = Weight of one Unoccupied &

Unfurnished Tower, in Newtons or Pounds of FORCE.

LL(110) = Live Load weight of a WTC Tower of 110 Floors

= Weight of a Fully-Occupied & Furnished Tower

=5*(DL110). (Reference = Mr. Hamburger)

Conclusive Conclusion:

(WTC Tower Chief Engineer & Tester)

(NIST Science Guy)

CL(110) = Collapse Load for Total Collapse or Total Failure of one WTC of 110 Floors

= 20*(LL(110))

= 20*(5*(DL(110)))

= 100*DL(110). (This means that vertical Stacking of at least 100 WTC Towers could

induce total-collapse.)

Additional Engineering Definitions:

DL(15) = (Dead-Load weight of one upper 15-Floor-Steel-Block of a WTC Tower)

= 1 Force-Unit (FU) , (in Pounds or Newtons)

= the Elemental Force-Unit used in all these calculations. DL(95)

= (Dead-Load weight of one Lower 95-Floor-Steel-Block of a WTC Tower)

= (95/15)(DL(15))

= 6.33*(DL(15))

LL(95) = 5*(DL(95))

= 5*(6.33*(DL(15))

= 30.65(DL(15))

= 31(1 FU)

= 31 (FU)

CL(95) = 20*LL(95)

= 20*(5*(6.33*(DL(15)))

= 633*DL(15)

= 633 FU (of anti-collapse, upward Force-Resistance or Total Collapse-Load,

in Force Units, in multiples of a 15-Floor-Block), (Stacking (633*DL15) on top of the 95-Floor-Steel-Block may induce Collapse) The lower 95-Floor-Steel-Block was capable of Top-Loading more than 633 upper 15-Floor-Steel-Blocks before Total Collapse-Load Failure was possible

(One does not need to know the masses and weights of any of the WTC structural materials components, like steel and concrete, to perform the calculations put forth in this paper, as only multiples of the basic Force-Unit (1 FU = 1 DL(15)) is required, along with a basic knowledge of Galileo's & Newton's Gravity & Motion Laws, especially the 3rd Law of Action & Reaction concerning the Opposing-Collisional-Linear-Vector-Forces. Opposing Forces in Compression are felt and distributed equally anywhere and everywhere along the entire height of the WTC Tower.

Physics Definitions for Objects (masses) in Free-Fall motion concerning Collision Forces, Collision Momentums, and Collision Energies,


F = Force (in Newtons or Pounds)

E = Energy (in Newton-meters or Foot-Pounds or Joules)

W = Work (in Newton-meters or Foot-Pounds or Joules)

E = W = Energy = Work, (They are exactly equivalent)

m = mass (in Newtons or Slugs)

a = acceleration (in meters/seconds^2)

g = gravitational acceleration (in meters/seconds^2) = 9.8 m/s^2

d = distance (in meters)

h = height above Collision Interface (in meters)

Force = F = m*a = m*g = (mass * acceleration)

Energy = Force*Distance = (m*g)*h

Definitions for:

Force Unit = FU

Energy Unit =EU


1 Force Unit = 1 FU = 1 DL(15) = weight of one 15-Floor-Steel-Block _______________________________________________________

1 Energy Unit = 1 EU = (1 FU)*(#meters fallen) = (1 DL(15))*(# of meters fallen) = mgh = F*h _______________________________________________________

Collision Forces, Collision Momentums, and Collision Energies are each equally distributed, equally conducted, and equally transferred throughout the entire 95-Floor-Steel-Block, through all Columns and all Beams, and down into the lower Steel Basement Floors, and then down into the Bedrock that the WTC Towers are embedded within. The Forces, Momentums, and Energies are not only absorbed by the top-most floor, alone, as the Original Conspiracy Theorists would have you believe. And this is where the Physics-knowledge-deficient-Public has been fooled, duped, and deceived. It simply is not true what the 911 Commission and their Media Cohorts & their Hired-Science-Cohorts and their parroting and misguided Naysayers have been propagandizing and conspiring about.

Steel is a very highly Energy-conductive and Energy-Transformational material. Steel can easily assist and aid in the transformation, transfer, conduction, and dissipation of all of the following types of Energies: Heat, Kinetic-Collision (vibration-transfer, shock-transfer, Seismic-transfer), electricity, magnetism, Wind, and Sound. The Energies, Momentums, and Forces are all transformed, conducted, transferred, and dissipated from the top of the Twin Tower, passing all the way through it, all the way to the bottom, and is then dissipated into the Bedrock of the Earth.

Again, the Original Conspiracy Theorists (OCT) and their Groupies, Devotees and Supporters are all relying on the Public's lack of knowledge of basic Physics to "pull the wool over their eyes" by means of massive deception and propaganda techniques (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, the Internet, etc.

They are blatantly distorting or ignoring the historically-established Laws of Physics & Chemistry, the two most fundamental of the Sciences and they are doing a stupendously-successful job of it!!!

Do not allow yourself to be deceived, duped, and fooled and please pass this information along to you family and friends and everyone you possibly can.


(633 FU UP for the 95-Floor-Steel-Block):(1FU DOWN for the 15-Floor-Block)


100*DL(95) = 20*LL(95)

= 20*5*DL(95) means you could top-stack 100 95-Floor-Steel-Blocks before the Total Collapse -Load Force-Limit is reached allowing Total-Collapse to occur.

Expansion of the Collapse-Load Equation Theory:

The Structural Steel at the top of the WTC was only about (1/4) inch thick.

Compare that to Steel at the bottom level Floors of the WTC as being 4 inches thick.

This means that the more truthful and Scientifically arrived at value for CL(95) will be multiples greater than (633 *DL(95)), perhaps a mathematical-multiple of 10,


CL(95) (revised) = 10*(633*DL(15))

= 6,330 DL(15)

= 6,330 Vector Anti-Collapse Force Units (FU) upward, as opposed to one

Vector weight Force Unit down, (DL(15)). _________________________________________________________________ This The same Factored Ratio of (6,330:1) can also be applied to opposing Momentums and to opposing Energies. One EU is gained by a DL(15), for each meter it is raised about the top of the 95th Floor. It will have to be raised 6,330 meters and dropped to provide the Energy to produce Total Collapse & Failure of a 95-Floor-Steel-Block, If this extension of my Thesis is TRUE. ___________________________________________________________________

Structure vs. Property Relationship

between a Steel WTC Twin Tower and a Model Balsa Wood Bridge.

(Property to consider is Support Strength Force or Anti-Collapse Resistance Force vs. 3-D Octet Truss Bridge structure.

Please follow This Scientific-Method Experimental-Model Analogy below:

The Weight-Force-Scale pictured can hold or read 200 pounds, max.

We wish to compare the Load-Bearing results for the Bridge to the potential Load-Bearing Support or Anti-Collapse strength for a WTC Tower.

(CL/DL) = (Collapse-Load / Dead-Load). These Ratios can go higher than 4200:1 for a 16-gram Balsa Wood Arch-Bridge, which can top-load well over 150 Pounds, when Collapse-Load Tested using the above pictured apparatus setup. This means you could apply a downward Force equivalent to the weight of 4200 bridges on the top of the Bridge, as shown in the above photos, before Total-Collapse could take place.

This result is a valid scientific Analogy that is being Scientifically-Applied to the WTC Twin Towers, proving that a (CL/DL) Ratio of 633:1 is definitely not numerically out of line with the way these inter-connected structures perform under Collapse-Load conditions of downward Force.

(The Bridge 3-D structures are modeled after the Atomic-Crystalline Structure of a Diamond, which is the same 3-D Structure as the famous ‘Octet-Truss’, making Diamond the hardest, strongest substance known.)

Bridge Model Calculations:

(CL / DL) = (150 Pounds / 16 Grams) = (67,200 Grams / 16 Grams) = (4,200 /1) = 4,200 : 1 for a Balsa-Wood Bridge composed of 3/16 inch square sticks with no overlapping of wood components and basic acetone-based glue applied to the points of structural-connection.

One of the greatest Scientific Truths or Laws ever established by the Sciences of Physics and Chemistry is the following:

The Physical Properties of a 3-D Structure are a direct consequence of a material’s 3-D Physical Structure and the Material’s Chemical (i.e., Atomic, Molecular, and Crystalline Structural Makeup. The stronger the material, the stronger the Structure, and the better the 3-D Structure of the Structure the stronger the Structure. (An outstanding example would be a 3-D OCTET Structure composed of high and Custom-Propertied Steel). This is what the real and true Structural-Science and Engineering of building Power Structures, of any kind for any application, is all about.

The Physical Properties of a Structure are based primarily on two things:

1) What material the 3-D Structure is actually composed of:


1. metal (High-Propertied steel, Tin, Copper, and Aluminum…)

2. wood (Balsa, Maplewood, Bamboo…)

3. rock (granite, marble, limestone, Chalkstone…)

4. fabricated-brick

5. fabricated-cement (Cinder-Block, poured Cement…)

6. Foam (Styrofoam, Urethane Foam, Rubber Foam, Rigid-Foam…)


2) The actual 3-D Inter-Connected Structure of the Structure in question:


1. Simple Truss

2. Cube

3. Rectangle

4. Tent

5. Dome Truss

6. Tube Truss (Tunnel)

7. Octahedron

8. Tetrahedron

9. Square Pyramid

10. Dodecahedron

11. Icosahedron

12. 3-D Octet Truss (like the Balsa Bridge, 4,200:1 (CL/DL).

13. Any combination of the above or other structure.

Physical Properties you would be looking for the most in Building Structures materials would be the following:


1) Strength (Load Bearing Ability, Wind Resistance)

2) Rigidity

3) Flexibility

4) Hardness

5) Weather Resistance

6) Flammability

7) Abrasion wear

8) Crystalline Make-up

9) Elasticity

10) Coat ability (Paint, Flame-Retardant)

11) Mold ability

12) Workability

13) Non-Corrosiveness

14) Very high melting Point

15) Others…


Therefore: This retired Physics and Chemistry Instructor assigns the 911-Commision's investigations of the WTC Twin Towers a Professional Evaluation grade of "F"

^ Philip Zelikow - Boss ^ The 911 Commission and it's 911 Commission Report was a total waste of time and money & did not explain why the Twin Towers Totally Collapsed at near Free-Fall time or just a little slower (10 to 20 seconds).

If someone could or would explain the Science and Math and Physics to them, so they actually understood it, they should be ashamed of themselves to call themselves scientists. It would be understandable that their standing in the World Scientific Community would be seriously down-graded.

911-Commission Members

Richard Ben-Veniste

Thomas H. Kean

Fred F. Fielding Chair

Jamie S. Gorelick S

lade Gorton

Lee H. Hamilton

Bob Kerrey Vice Chair

John F. Lehman

Timothy J. Roemer J

ames R. Thompson

Shyam Sunder - (NIST Building & Fire Research – Director)

His brain thermally expanded & abruptly collapsed.

His accepted theories were not supported by the WTC Collapse evidence.

(Fantasy-Science Practitioner)

Thomas Eagar - Materials Engineering Professor at MIT

His accepted theories were not supported by the WTC Collapse evidence.

(Fantasy-Science Practitioner)

Zdenek P. Bazant - Professor of Civil Engineering and Materials Science at Northwestern Univ. His accepted theories were not supported by the WTC Collapse evidence.

(Fantasy-Science Practitioner) _____________________________________________________________________ (Collected multi Giga-Bucks on the Highly-suspected, biggest Insurance-Scam in the History of the World)

Larry Silverstein

I am looking forward to receiving intelligent and well-reasoned responses to this scientifically-based presentation, to show you understand the arguments put forward in this research paper. If you are able to show, scientifically and mathematically, that my arguments are wrong or are off by some Force-Factor-Number, then please point out where they are wrong and show me what the corrections should or could be.

If you think my scientifically-based ideas are correct, then please help me pass them on to the American Public, who have all been desperately awaiting and longing for this simple and understandable answer to the 911 WTC Towers Demolishing.

I welcome all challengers to my analyses... I also welcome all vocal supporters to respond...

I plan to update and add more information to this Thread, that will provide further support for my arguments concerning the Total Collapses of the Twin Towers.

One on my greatest discoveries concerning the Gravitational Energy required for Total Collapse of the 95-Floor-Steel-Block by the 15-Floor-Steel-Block is that it would have to be raised 633 meters above the 95-Floor-Steel-Block and then dropped to get possible Total Collapse.

Work = Energy

= Mg*h

= (1 FU)*(633m)

= (1 DL(15))*(633m) 633 FU*m

= Energy required to crush and break the inter-Atomic & inter-Molecular Forces holding

the Steel inter-connected and welded frame intact, in Foot-Pounds or Newton-meters.

Tensile Strength Of Steel:

Steel has a relatively great amount of tensile strength compared to other substances, such as concrete, which possess a great amount of compressive strength but little tensile strength. In general, the tensile strength of steel is equivalent to its compressive strength. That is, steel responds to stretching force in much the same way it responds to crushing force, although the possibility of shearing forces must be taken into account when steel is subjected to compression loads. The tensile strength of steel is often measured in pounds per square inch, or in thousands of pounds per square inch. The tensile strength of a steel that can withstand 40,000 pounds of force per square inch may be expressed as 40,000 PSI or 40 KSI (with K being the denominator for thousands of pounds). In addition to ultimate tensile strength, the yield stress of steel may also be measured--that is, the amount of stretching force that may be applied to steel before it permanently deforms.


The Mega-Supportive, External Columns & Core Columns were Powerful & Revolutionary in Anti-Collapse, Design Structure. It was massively-redundant and extremely-over-designed to withstand everything, everything except secretively and well-placed steel-cutting explosive charges. Plane crashes and incredibly-massive fires could not ever, not even in one's wildest absurd dreams, bring a WTC Tower down in Total-Collapse, not even remotely close, since it would be impossible, in direct violation of the basic textbook Laws of Physics, and it would break Newton's , and Galileo's hearts, just like the misguided Authoritarian and Infallible-Church-Inquisition did.

All Scientific the so-called OCT-Experts are welcome to attempt the public debunking this paper. You will need to be more than confident in your Scientific Ability and pray that your Professional Scientific reputation does not get flushed down the tube of Fantasy Science.

(Author: Chuck Boldwyn, Retired Physics & Chemistry Instructor,

Sunday, August 17, 2008