Monday, March 16, 2009

Conclusive Proof of the demolition of the 911 WTC Twin Towers.

Greetings concerning the 991 collapses/demolitions,

I am still trying to get the people that count, the scientists and journalists and helpful activists, to look at my original research and to give it validation as to being correct.
My research is original and new and gives the solutions that researchers have been looking for since 911 happened.

I request that you look at my work seriously and not just delete. I promise that my work will amaze you.

Please find attached my PDF document research on 911 WTC Twin Towers.

I have been researching 911 Twin Towers demolitions for some 18 months now.
My Thesis covers the entire spectrum of the alleged collapses from start to finish in the form of JPEG posters, including my original Thesis Equation, data, calculations, tables, graphs and original graphics, some cad-like.

I am a retired Physics & Chemistry Instructor who has been teaching difficult problem solving for some 25+ years and have solved the WTC collapse scenario.
I have viewed my research as solving a homework problem. My research and solutions are most original, not covered by any other researchers, as you will see and enjoy and perhaps marvel at.

Please review and study my research and reply with your highly valued feedback.

I am looking to help bring the 911 criminals to trial so judgement can be passed upon them.

I hope you will be able to help me get this original and critical information out to the public, who deserve to know these answers, even if they can not understand the physics, I.e.. Vector math, Motion Physics math, etc.

You may request my PDF at:

or visit my bolg site at:

Please reply,

Best regards and enjoy,